What We Offer

We are proud to call the Midwest home, and support participants as they take advantage of all that it has to offer in terms of education, recreation and cultural opportunities. We take overall health very seriously, and strive to make a healthy and active lifestyle a part of sober living for all participants. We offer as part of residence:

  • Fitness Center Membership
  • Spiritual Bonfires and BBQ nights
  • Wilderness Setting
  • Hiking
  • Cultural and Theatrical Events
  • Fishing
  • Organic Garden
  • Swimming
  • Help with Job Placement
  • Nutrition Education
  • 12-Step Based Program Big Book and 12 x 12 groups
  • Sponsorship Assistance
  • Daily External Community Support Meetings (Either AA/NA Related)
  • Daily In-House Process Groups (Non clinical or progress reported)
  • Relapse Prevention Groups (Non clinical or progress reported)
  • Subcontracted Intensive Outpatient, Family Work, Psychology Via Linkage Network
  • Medical Network and Full Service Hospital
  • Bradley University, Western Illinois University, Illinois State University and two quality Community Colleges within one hour of campus. (One community college offers a substance abuse track for CADC counseling credentialing)