At Invictus Woods, we emphasize structure and healthy activities over isolation in early recovery. At this time, the stigma of addiction and the weight of a 12-step program may deter individuals from grasping lasting recovery after primary care. Our program aims to make recovery enjoyable by strengthening resilience, setting healthy goals and building self-confidence. Our main objective is to help each participant manage his daily recovery. Learning how to ask for help is not a sign of weakness.

Participants in our program engage in a mental, physical and spiritual experience that is essential to long-term recovery. This is achieved through guidance (individual and groups), wilderness expeditions and daily 12-step meetings (in house and within the community). At Invictus Woods, we strongly believe in the focus on self-worth and spirituality of the 12-step programs. We concentrate on these areas of personal growth in our curriculum.

Our house is fully furnished, and the atmosphere is family friendly. All participants are assigned daily chores to keep each residence clean and pleasant. We expect everyone to maintain personal hygiene and adhere to the dress code. At Invictus Woods, participants make their own meals. During dinnertime, our residents use a “team approach” to meal preparation and have each person cook a favorite recipe.