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Our Purpose

Invictus Woods is the premier sober living facility in the Midwest. Our purpose is to build a strong foundation for individuals who are in the early stages of the recovery process. Our focus is on structure and individual goals for each participant. At Invictus Woods we view the disease in a realistic way. Our goal is to give a foundation for individuals in early recovery so that they can begin to rebuild their lives and move forward to become productive members of society.

Our program is centered around the proven 12-step process to create a stronger foundation of recovery. We believe recovery does not have to be seen as punishment, and our primary focus is to teach our clients how to stay sober and enjoy the healing process. Our program is led by compassionate staff members who recognize there is a kind and loving person inside each one of us.

We accept clients who are being discharged from an inpatient treatment center and are looking for a safe and sober environment to continue their recovery.

Why Choose Invictus Woods?

What sets our program apart from other sober living programs is the structure that Invictus Woods provides. Invictus Woods provides weekly process groups, regular drug testing, and house meetings which gives our clients a foundation to build upon. We also believe that recovery can be fun, and staff provides monthly recreational activities for all clients. Invictus Woods works with companies in the area to help clients become employed. We also work with local food banks and have free food in all our houses for clients who are financially struggling. Invictus Woods has relationships with churches and other charities to help our clients with other financial needs. Our clients are even provided with a free gym membership!

Fitness Center Membership

All clients are provided with a free membership to a local gym.

In-House Process Groups

Our clients are required to attend a weekly staff-lead process group.

Help with Job Placement

Invictus Woods has an extensive referral network for job placement and other client needs.

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What are they saying

Parkside House


Invictus Woods helped give the perfect foundation I needed to further my recovery. It gave me the right amount of structure and accountability that I was able to move forward with my life. I can't say enough good words about the house and general atmosphere.

Prospect House


Invictus woods has been such a huge part of my recovery, their house and staff welcomed me with open arms and the weekly meetings have been so helpful. I couldn't thank them more!!

Circle House


Calm atmosphere with, open honest, and realistic individuals. Meet some fantastically flawed people and made some life long friends!

Prospect House


I am super grateful for invictus woods and the whole staff. They gave me a safe, affordable place to land when I needed it most.

Circle House


I've been at the Circle House since 4/1/23. I have found a great support system in the staff and the women who have lived here. I am forever grateful for the peaceful and safe environment that the house provides as I continue my recovery journey.


Geting Started

We prefer that you have to following for admission:

  • Completed a 30 day teatment program
  • In no risk of withdrawal from alcohol or drugs
  • Age 18 and over

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Meet our team

Camilla Rabjohns

Owner & Executive Director

Camilla Rabjohns and her husband Dr. Ronald Rabjohns founded Invictus Woods in 2014 for the sole purpose of helping recovering people begin a foundation for recovery. Camilla is a Registered Nurse and goes out of her way to learn about recovery and help Invictus Woods clients.

Paul Butler


Paul Butler obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work in 2020 and a Master's in Business Administration in 2022. He also is a Certified Peer Recovery and Support Specialist, and started his personal recovery in 2014.

Ryan Farrand

AOD Counselor

Ryan Farrand is a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor with years of experience helping those in recovery. He himself was an early client of Invictus Woods, and his lived experience in the program is invaluable

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